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Adoption Contract


Twin Oaks Farm, LLC

Great Pyrenees Adoption Contract

Buyer Agrees to the following terms:

By making a deposit, or purchase of a Great Pyrenees, Buyer agrees to the terms listed in this Adoption Contract.  

  • Buyer agrees to see a state certified vet within the 72 hour grace period. If you return the dog during this time period, buyer agrees to return it at buyer’s expense. You cannot return the dog for a possible full or partial refund after 3 days (unless to surrender the dog) and seller is not responsible for any expenses that arise in the 3 day grace period or after.  If animal is returned sick or injured due to buyer fault, a refund may not be given. A grace period of 72 hours from puppy/dog pick up is given to Buyer for return of the dog. (Excludes Sunday and holidays) 

  • Buyer agrees that the Breeder is not responsible at any time for any veterinary bills or any other financial expense related to the puppy/dog once the dog leaves our premises. 

  • Buyer agrees to continue inoculations based on veterinarian’s care.

  • Buyer agrees to continue to treat for worms, parasites, heart worms, rabies, mosquitoes and fleas.   

  • Buyer agrees to never abuse, neglect, tie or chain dog, or leave the puppy/dog in a kennel/crate for a long period of time, unless for nightly sleeping, or training.  

  • Buyer agrees to properly take care of the dog: for puppies, feed a high quality, high energy large puppy food formula, (puppies should eat a high protein puppy formula 2-3 times daily for 12-18 months) provide water at all times, and proper shelter from the elements. 

  • If Buyer cannot properly take care of the animal, Buyer agrees to contact Breeder to surrender the animal, giving Breeder first right of refusal. If Breeder does not have facilities available to properly care for the animal on the property, or for any other reason, Breeder is not required to take the animal back. If Breeder takes the animal back, Breeder will re-home it.  No money will be reimbursed. Breeder is not responsible for taking back puppies after 72 hours off Breeder property.

  • The Buyer shall not sell the puppy, or its offspring (if any), to any individual or establishment in the business of buying and selling puppies for a profit.  (Puppy Mill)

  • Buyer agrees that any refunds due shall not exceed the purchase price of the animal purchased. 

  • Buyer agrees that the venue for any legal action shall be Nash County, NC. 

  • Deposits are refundable within three days of deposit date only. After three days, deposits are non-refundable. No exceptions. Please consider non-refundable policy if your search for a new puppy is urgent or time-sensitive. Twin Oaks Farm LLC may not be able to provide a puppy from the first litter on which you place a deposit, if the litter does not produce enough puppies or the desired sex to fill Buyer’s order [for example, if Buyer has 3rd selection female, and litter produces only two female puppies].  In cases where the Breeder cannot supply the puppy desired by the buyer, then a refund can be given, or the Buyer can select another puppy from the litter, if available, or the Buyer can roll the deposit over to the next litter.

  • If Buyer for personal reasons cannot remain on the original litter list and needs to move to a later litter, Buyer has the right to roll the deposit over to future litters of other dogs, for up to two years from deposit date.  This can be done within the first 4 weeks from when the litter was born.

  • Buyer agrees to allow breeder to use puppy's pictures.

  • Buyer agrees to pay remaining balance due when puppy is picked up.  If payment is not received, Twin Oaks Farm LLC reserves the right to re-home your puppy to another buyer. We will move your deposit, and any other fees paid, to a future litter, less $150 re-homing fee.

  • Buyer agrees to respond to Puppy Selection within one week of notification to do so.  This is usually done at 4 weeks of age.  If we do not hear from you within one week after notification, you will move down on the selection order or Twin Oaks Farm LLC reserves the right to re-home your puppy to another buyer. We will move your deposit, and any other fees paid, to a future litter, less $150 re-homing fee.

  • Buyer understands that Twin Oaks Farm LLC reserves the right of 1st Selection Male and / or 1st Selection Female from any and all litters, for breeding purposes. Decisions on keeping a male or female from any litter are made when the litters are born. Buyer understands there is the possibility of Buyer moving down one spot on the Selection Order should Breeder decide to keep a puppy for breeding purposes.

  • Breeder Agrees to the following:

  • Breeder agrees that buyer is purchasing an AKC registered, Great Pyrenees puppy/dog.  Breeder will furnish litter registration papers upon puppy pick up or as breeder receives them from AKC.   Payment must be paid in full to receive animal and registration papers.

  • Breeder guarantees that puppy has had proper care to date and has seen our veterinarian by 8 weeks of age.  Animal has received first round of immunizations (Intervet Puppy Parvo/Distemper for puppies) and has been de-wormed as recommended by our vet. 

  • Breeder will provide Health Records. 

  • Breeder is not responsible if a puppy/dog contracts a communicable disease after leaving breeder’s possession.  The puppy/dog is now in your care.

  • Breeder is not responsible for any expenses/financial liability that arises in the 3 day grace period or any time after, or that may be the result of a puppy/dog purchased from Twin Oaks Farm LLC. 

  • Breeder agrees that any refunds due shall not exceed the purchase price of the animal purchased.  

By making a deposit or purchasing any animal from Twin Oaks Farm LLC (puppy/dog), buyer agrees to these terms. 


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