Puppies and Dogs

Great Pyrenees Dogs, LGDs

Here, at Twin Oaks Farm,  in eastern North Carolina, we chose to protect our herds and flocks with Great Pyrenees dogs. After researching the various kinds of livestock guardians for more than a year, we concluded that the “gentle giants” were not only beautiful and effective livestock guardians, but were the perfect choice for our farm.

The Pyrs are fiercely protective of their goat, pig, and poultry friends and are ready to defend them from predators or intruders  (should any be foolish enough to enter the pasture areas). Some of the dogs even keep an eye on the sky to warn away hawks gliding too low over the fields.

Our Great Pyrenees puppies train to be livestock guardian dogs (LGDs) from an early age. They work in the field with the older dogs learning to be patient with the playful kids and tolerant of their clowning around while keeping a watchful eye on people, animals, and events around them


             Kenly and her daughter, Calypso



                                                                                               Calypso, all grown up,  and her kids, ready to go home



If interested in a puppy, please contact us to put down a deposit. A deposit is $250 with a  total adoption fee of $850. Bailey has a new litter of puppie---ALL HAVE HOMES! See below for pictures of Bailey and of her litter.


At five to six weeks, puppies are out in the pasture during the day, training with their mother and the other Pyrs, and working in the pasture with the goats, pigs, ducks, and chickens. Don’t think that this creates a dog that wouldn’t be happy to come live in the house with you. Several of our puppies have gone to homes where they are treated like queens or kings of the house, and a few of our girls live in or visit in our house regularly, and are perfect angels. They chill during the day and lay on the floor next to us, watching TV in the evening when the work is finally done.

to get your puppy, fill out and send the adoption contract with a $250 deposit, and bring a $600 balance when you pick up your puppy.

Our Great Pyrenees puppies & dogs.


Meet Paws, a handsome boy.

BJ, our sire-in-training.


Kenly, the matriarch of the pyrenees pack

---now retired.

Mo is the daughter of Hope and Rocky.

Bailey, the daughter of Kenly and Rocky.

Calypso, Kenly and Rocky's daughter.

Cricket, Ayden and Benson's daughter.

Charlotte, another of Kenly and Rocky's daughters.
Ayden, our doxie wrangler.

Harmony, Calypson and Benson's daughter.

Rose, Harmony's sister.

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