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Bugs Away!

All Natural Skin Protection --Keep the BUGS AWAY!

Enjoy the outdoors without worrying about irritating bugs. Use Bugs Away! skin protection products --- made on our farm in Spring Hope, North Carolina, and shipped to you.




Bugs Away! Bug Balm (for People)

Keep your skin moisturized with our balm made with Shea butter,

coconut oil, beeswax, and our secret blend of essential oils and get relief

from those nasty biting bugs. 


We offer a variety of sizes to deter mosquitoes, gnats, and biting flies.

Try our one-ounce jar for just $9. Use our six-ounce jar for $23.00, or

stock up with our 10-ounce jar for only $32.00.

Change Your Outdoor Experience!
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“We have a 3 month old that LOVES to be outside for walks. It became hard to take him out when the humidity was high because gnats were always getting in his eyes. This product has allowed us to be outside regardless of the humidity!!”
–Angela, Rocky Mt., NC

“I began using the Bugs Away Balm in the spring of 2014.  For the first time since moving to Eastern NC, I can mow my 1 acre yard without being attacked by gnats! I have searched for 8 years for effective relief from these dreadful pests. Now there is one that works AND it's all natural. The pet version also works just as well! I have bought numerous bottles for all of my family. Bugs Away works for ALL!" 
–Glenda, Bailey, NC

“We are very pleased with the effectiveness of the Bugs Away! Oil. We spend a lot of time in the yard and mosquitoes and gnats don't bother us anymore. We see them...but they keep their distance. We were impressed with the quality and information provided. We LOVE Bugs Away! Oil!!”
–Alicia, Sean, Margaret, & Victoria, Rocky Mt., NC

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