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6893 S NC 581, Spring Hope, NC 27882
If visiting the farm and using GPS,
Please use 6893 S NC 581, Bailey, NC


Our Dams

All of our girls are AKC registered and working livestock guardian dogs (LGD)s. That being said, they all seem to enjoy their time in the house.

Kenly --AKC #WS45492105 Kenly, born 10/31/13.  RETIRED.

Hope -- AKC #WS49456904 Hope, born 2/10/15. She is one of our newest additions, coming to the farm June of 2016.

Ayden -- AKC  #WS52203502 Ayden, born 12/10/15. Ayden is having puppies in June of 2018.

Roxi --AKC #WS52203501 Roxi is Ayden's sister. 

Charlotte -- AKC #WS53241401 Charlotte was born right here at Twin Oaks Farm on 2/27/16, the daughter of Kenly and Rocky.

Cherokee --AKC # WS53994307 Cherokee was born 4/16/16.          

Calypso --AKC #WS54998908 Calypso was born here, at Twin Oaks Farm, on 10/16/16.

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