(252) 565-2760
6893 S NC 581, Spring Hope, NC 27882
If visiting the farm and using GPS,
Please use 6893 S NC 581, Bailey, NC


Our Sires

The males on our farm help to protect our herds and our flocks. They are a laid-back lot until they see or hear something that they perceive as a threat. Here are the boys.

Rocky -- AKC# WS49081808


Rocky sitting atop his throne in the pasture.

                                                                                                                                                                      Rocky, born in December of 2014, 

is our 3-year old AKC male. 

Benson -- AKC# WS53650701

Benson was 1 year old in April of 2017. He is a loveable, playful boy who is still learning the ropes from Rocky.

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