(252) 565-2760
6893 S NC 581, Spring Hope, NC 27882
If visiting the farm and using GPS,
Please use 6893 S NC 581, Bailey, NC


   It all began with our Kinder goats and our Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian dogs.

   If you ask which came first, it wasn't the chickens, though we love our chickens and getting fresh,

protein-rich, pasture-raised eggs whenever we want them. We SELL them, too!

We LOVE our Pot-Bellied Piggies. Thelma had babies in 2016.

Have we got ducks! Our Muscovies are gorgeous! And we have them in a variety of colors, too!

Contact us at 252 565-2760, in Spring Hope, North Carolina, if you would like to learn more about ANY of our animals.

If you would like to come and VISIT, just call for an appointment!


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